Apiary electro-knife 280 mm

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Габариты лезвия
Blade material
Handle material
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An apiary electro-knife NP-1-12 V

Technical description

Dimensions of the blade ─ 2x40x230 (280) mm.
Operating voltage ─ 12 V.
Operating temperature ─ 70-90 degrees per Celsius.
Power ─ 40 (70) watts.
Time of heating to operating temperature ─ 30-40 seconds.
The material from which the product is made ─ stainless steel.
Source of feed:
 1) motor-car accumulator 12 V (connecting polarity is not important);
 2) charge device to AB 12 V;
 3) step-down transformer-220/12V.

Instruction                                                   EN
The operation principle of knife consists of short terms cycles during which knife cooling off when cutting comb cappings and heating while beekeeper prepares next bee frame. After processing of each frame, blade must be cleaned of wax residue, dragging it along the edge of the vessel or the fixed plate ─ scraper. To prevent the adhesion of dirt on the knife while working you have to put it on a metal or wooden stand. The residence of the knife being connected to the source of power is unlimited. When you use car battery as a source of power you have to recharge the battery at the end of the day. When you are done with work you have to clean the knife, rinse with warm water and dry the blade of the knife. Keep the knife in a dry place without covering.   
The construction of knife is undismountable.
It is forbidden to leave knife without usage for more than 5 minutes (to avoid overheating).
It is forbidden to connect knife in a network 220 V.
3) When using intensively it is acceptable  exceeding voltage within 12 V to 15 V
4) Use the knife on purpose.
Control and guarantee

The manufacturer undertakes to repair or replace the blade if it is failure for one year from the date of sale.
Presale includes verification of the heater at U = 24
All claims and offers by phone:
       e-mail: gusliy@ukr.net -  Yuriy Gusliy

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Technical description

Габариты лезвия
Blade material
Handle material
Рабочее напряжение
Рабочая температура
Время нагрева до рабочей температуры
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