Charm of bees

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The most famous and most effective way of catching swarms

This is the pheromone of the uterus in the form of a paste, as well as a very powerful flower essence that attracts and directs swarms to the place prepared for incubation of the swarm. The product is easy to use. It is well preserved, provided it is stored in a cool place, without overheating by direct sunlight.

Tips for beekeepers:

The traps should be placed at a height and well secured, make sure that in the hottest hours, they were protected from the sun to avoid raising the temperature inside.

Tips for use:

Lightly lubricate several frames and trays of your hives or traps, reapply after 8 days.

Additional information:

Delivered in a tuba.

One tube is designed for 10 applications.

Weight: 30 gr.


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