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The device is used for fumigation of honey bees with varoatosis. The principle of operation is based on high-temperature evaporation of a solution of a certain active substance (amitraz, thymol, oxalic acid, fluvulanate, taufluvalinate, etc.) with a solvent (purified kerosene, ethyl alcohol 96%, water, etc.).

Intensive dosed evaporation of the active substance in combination with a strong irritant effect, (intensive movement of bees, which causes a better shedding of mites) caused by the evaporation of the active substance, gives a high efficiency of treatments.

When used as an active substance of oxalic acid and thymol (and so on), the device can be successfully used in the production system of environmentally friendly (bio) products.

Length ─ 470 mm.
Height ─ 300 mm.
Width ─150 mm.
Productivity 400-600 b / p  per 1 hour.
The effectiveness of work (amitraz) ─ reaches 99-100%.

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