We and our store

The apiary manufacturing and innovation cooperative “PAVIK” is located in Cherkasy, Ukraine. It has been engaged in the production of beekeeping equipment for 10 years. Despite the young age, the products of our company are well known among the Ukrainian and foreign beekeepers as well. We were the first who began the  production of  beekeeping equipment with electric heating which was easy-to-use, energy-efficient and safe as well! The beekeepers of the whole world have tried already electric knife invented by Gusliy. The variety of products is more than 30 items, many of our developments are patented in Ukraine and abroad. Thus we still moving on – the products are constantly being improved, the range of products is increasing every year, the market is expanding. Our specialists take part in conferences, exhibitions, seminars, actively promoting modern ways of developing beekeeping. Our products make the work easier for the beekeepers of various levels, acceptable and affordable for both experienced luminaries of this industry and beginner beekeepers.

Our advantages:

Uniqueness. Some products are assembled using a unique patented technology, and simply have no analogues in the world.

Durability. This is confirmed by more than 10 years of experience in the production of equipment for beekeeping. The company's products are known both in Ukraine and in the countries of the CIS and Western Europe.

Professionalism. We do not spare funds for training company employees. They constantly improve their professional level by participating in specialized trainings, seminars, conferences and pass certification every year.

Personal touch. This is the basic principle of the work. We do not accept “patterns” in working with our partners. Working on the implementation of the order, we always take into account the needs of the client and predict them in the future.

Life philosophy. We are in a constant search for new ideas, technologies and ways to implement them; invent new and improve existing products, constantly expanding the range of products.