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The conductor is designed for convenience and increase the accuracy of the production of bee frames on amateur and small industrial apiaries.

The beater boring machines and mechanisms are intended for simultaneous drilling of 4 (5) holes in the frames of the frames. The drill head is made in 5 modifications with a different distance between the holes:

+55+55+55+ = 165 mm – in the frame 435x230 mm.

+70+70+70+ = 210 mm – in the frame 435x300 mm.

+80+80+80+ = 240 mm – in the frame 300x435 and 435x230 mm. (3 rows wire)

+50+70+90+ = 210 mm – in the frame 300x435 and 435x230 mm. (3 rows wire)

+55+55+55+55+ = 220 mm – in the frame 300x435 mm. (5 rows of wire)

The wire tensioner is intended for pulling a wire to a bee-frame.

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Apiarian drill machine 4 holes
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Conductor for frame assembly big
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Wire tensioner
Wire tensioner

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