"PAVIK" company guarantees compliance with the conditions specified in the operating instructions attached to each product.

The company provides a 12-month warranty from the date of purchase for all products of its own production. Special warranty - 24 months, applies to the Automatic line for pumping honey and Semi-automatic bee frames uncapping machine.

Unlimited service means that PAVIK Cooperative undertakes to carry out repairs and eliminate malfunctions of its products, even after the end of the warranty period.

Faults that occur during the warranty period, through no fault of the consumer, are compensated by free of charge replacement, upon presentation of the operating instructions of the product.

The operating instructions must have the date of sale, stamp, and serial number (for products with a special warranty).

In case the goods are used in violation of the rules of the operating instructions during the warranty period or the consumer did not follow the recommendations of the enterprise, the repair is carried out at the expense of the consumer.

The warranty period of the product is terminated in the case of:

- making changes in the design of goods and making improvements, as well as the use of components, parts, components, not provided by the "PAVIK" company;

- misuse;

- damage by the consumer;

- violation by the consumer of the rules of operation of the goods. 

For warranty and post-warranty service, please contact the place of purchase of the goods or directly to the sales department of the PAVIK Cooperative by phone +380502110806, +380961900133 or e-mail gusliy@ukr.net