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Соты-пазлы используются для получения перги. Изготавливаются из пластика, все ячейки сквозные конусоподобные. Из сотов-пазлов собирается две стороны сотовой рамки необходимого размера, между которыми прокладывается пищевая плёнка, толщиной 0,36 мм, при этом более узкое отверстие ячеек касается плёнки (широкое отверстие ячеек направлено наружу). Собранные соты-пазлы  крепятся к верхней планке пчелиной рамки и дополнительно фиксируются  между собой хомутиками (возможно использование зажимов, проволоки в оплетке и т.д.) 

ПРОСИМ ОБРАТИТЬ ВНИМАНИЕ: ячейки сотов-пазлов конусоподобные, следовательно при наполнении заталкиваем со стороны широкого отверствия, а выталкиваем со стороны узкого. 

Необходимое количество сотов-пазлов для рамки:

- Дадана-Блатта (435х300 мм) - 24 шт;

 - Украинская (300х145 мм) - 24 шт;

 - Рута (435х230 мм) - 16 шт;

 - Магазинная (435х145 мм) - 8 шт.

Расположение сота-пазла при уплотнении обножки пчелиной:


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Расположение сота-пазла при выталкивании перги:

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Рамка из сот-пазлов

The technology of making bee-bread
To get a bee-bread you need:
First you need to cover one side of the frame with pollen and press it equable with handle press. Then turn the frame around and make the same procedure with another side.
The procedure must be done several times until puzzles are 2/3 full.
You need about 600 g of pollen to fill up the frame.
After the frame is full you have to cover the frame surface with liquid honey (both sides).
The so ready frame is put to a beehive to finish the process.
The so prepared frame is put into bee family that consists of no more than 6 frames. It is nonrational to use strong bee-families, because bees may use pollen intensively for feeding brood.
The artificial frame is left in a beehive for about 2-3 days until its surface begins to glitter.
In case bees do not eat the feed-stuff you leave the frame for 14 days more until the beebread is ready.
In case bees eat all the food, the frame is put to the strong bee-family (incubator). You choose the strongest bee-family, take away the heating-up and install the air exit grille with an empty artificial frame. And wait until the bee-bread is ready.
There’s another way of filling up the puzzles. You put inside some little quantity of pollen and then you press it step by step during 6 days. After that you leave the frame in the bee-hive until it’s ready (about 10 days)

When the bee-bread is ready the fame is disassembled. And the bee-bread is pushed out using the handle pusher. Pushing out is made from the narrow side of the puzzles. After that you can use your puzzles once again.

Special aspects of producing bee-bread in bee-family
The weak and middle weak families need little quantity of bee-bread. The prefer more a fresh pollen. And vice versa, strong families may take even not-ready bee-bread in puzzles.
For making  bee-bread you need collecting pollen at the first part of spring-summer season, when the most quantity of flowers are in bloom.
It is undesirable to use strong families for making bee-bread. You may disturb flight activity and cause swarming.
If you use pollen collectors bee-entrance may change its shape and look different. That’s why bees need about 3-5 days to get used to it.
Turning off the pollen collector is not good for bees’ flight activity.
The pollen collec-tor is ON only for the period of swarming or bee queen overflight.
All the pollen that was brought by bees must be deleted from the pollen collector every evening. There may be about 100-300 g of pollen per day.
ATTENTION: the nucleus in the puzzles are conical, that is why you must push in the pollen from the wide side of it, and push out from the narrow one. When the frame is been formed the narrow side of the puzzles faces the membrane.

Technical description

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