Honey decristalizator with thermoregulator

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Предназначен для технологического обогрева соответствующих ему по размерам металлических, пластиковых (полимерных) бочек, кубов, канистр, емкостей в различных областях промышленности и хозяйственной деятельности. Тип нагревателя - инфракрасная пленка EXCEL EX-305.

Благодаря своей конструкции они позволяют вести мягкий, направленный нагрев емкостей различной формы в том числе изготовленных из полимерных материалов без опасения расплавления оболочки. Цифровой терморегулятор позволяет регулировать максимальную температуру нагрева.

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Honey decrystallizator
      Honey decrystallizator  may be standart (1140х370х15мм) or any size you wish. They are simple and reliable in use.
                Principal characteristics:

Power woltage – 220 V.
Capacity - from 50 to 100 W.
Thickness – 15 mm.
Weight – not more than 2 kg.
Temperature - not more than 50°С.

                   Detailed description 

       Honey decrystallizator is made for a technologacal warming of suitable in size metal, plastic (polymeric) drums, cubs, cans in different spheres of industry and business activities.

Electrical warming is meant by direct heat transfer from the decrystallizator surface to the object inside. Due to its structure it is possible to provide direct and mild heating of drums, bottles and reservoirs with different shapes, also made of polimers without fear that ot may get damaged.
Two types are produced:
- built-in heat controller (max t-50° C);
- outside heat controller (temperature indication is on a display).

Usage environment:
When used incorrectly you may get electric shock!!!
- it’s allowed to wipe with wet duster only when the appliance is off!!!
It’s forbidden to work in case if: 
 - outer shell is damaged;
 - the cord is damaged;
 - socket is damaged ;
 - the voltage is wrong;
 - ather visual disablings;
Storage maintenance
1) keep the appliance in dry place at a temperature from +5°С to +40°С at a relative humidity not more than 75% (t = 25°С).
2) keep safe from moisture, dust and mechanic damage.
Electrical safety
Corresponding to Normative Documents

Control and guarantee
     The manufacturer insures working capacity of the appliance during 12 months withing the day of purchase or producing. The day of purchase is registered in the passport of the product. In case the product is non-operational wiithin the guarantee terms contact us
050-211-08-06; www.apiteh.ck.ua
e-mail:gusliy@ukr.net─Gusliy Yuriy Michailovich

Technical description

Working voltage
Working temperature 0-80°С (программируемая)
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