Digital thermoregulator

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Предназначен для поддержания необходимой температуры в таких изделиях: декристаллизатор мёда, термокамера, сушилка для пыльци, подогрев ульев. Кроме того, терморегулятор (ЦТР) применяется для подогрева воздуха в инкубаторах, теплицах, террариумах и т.п.

Диапазон регулируемой температуры: от -40 ºС до +125 ºС. Точность поддержания температуры ±0,1 ºС.

An  Apiary production-innovative cooperative store “Pavik”
Digital Thermoregulator
The purpose of this appliance is to keep necessary temperature in such products as: honey decrystallizator, oven, pollen dryer. It’s also used for heating the air in incubators, warmhouses, terrariums.

Technical description
1. Dimensions:  58х 63х 90 mm.
2. Operating voltage  – 160-250 V.
3. Temperature accuracy  ± 0,1ºС.
4. Control range tº: -40 ºС - +125 ºС.
5. Maxiuml switching power 2,0 kW

Operation concept
Put alimentation plug into a socket. There will appear 3 ticks (- - -), then appears environmental temperature.
In order to set the temperature, push (-) or (+),button, so the indication starts blinking. While i’s blinkung push (-) or (+) buttons to set ithe temperature. After the temperature is set, it takes 5 seconds to get to a working mode.
Put the plug of the appliance you need into the socket of thermoregulator.
The indication will slowly reach the pre-set temperature. Is the capacity is low, the temperature you need may not be reached. And if the capacity is too high, the temperature that you need will skip. And the symbol «ERR» will be on the table.
светиться символ ''ERR'' (ошибка). After the fault is repeared? The normal work is on.
Safety technique
Work safety!
Using the product incorrectly you may get damaged by power!
1) safety procedures of using electical appliances are necessary when working with the product.
2) do not use this product in wet rooms or on the wet surface.
3) do not leave the appliance unkept. When not using switch off at once.
4) do not use the appliance when the cord or body is damaged.
5) keep away from children!!!

6) do not try to fix or take to pieces by your self.
7) use the appliance only as intended.

                      Storage maintenance
1) keep the appliance in dry place at a temperature from +5°С to +40°С at a relative humidity not more than 75% (t = 25°С).
2) keep safe from moisture, dust and mechanic damage.
Control and guarantee
     The manufacturer insures working capacity of the appliance during 12 months withing the day of purchase or producing. The day of purchase is registered in the passport of the product. In case the product is non-operational wiithin the guarantee terms contact us
050-211-08-06;─Gusliy Yuriy Michailovich

Technical description

Working voltage
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