Horizontal uncapping machine with sideways knife in a stainless steel frame

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Предназначен для распечатки медовых рамок. 

Процесс срезания забруса происходит при перемещении рамки вдоль клинового ножа от угла к основанию клина. Медоносная рамка устанавливается на подвижную каретку, прижимается рукояткой и прокатывается по ножу, затем рамка переворачивается и операция повторяется. В качестве режущего элемента используется регулируемый клиновой стальной нож, который прикреплен к основному корпусу. Регулировка плоскости среза ножа относительно пчелиной рамки осуществляется с помощью регулировочных винтов.

Length ─ 470 mm.
Height ─ 300 mm.
Width ─150 mm.
Productivity 400-600 b / p  per 1 hour.
The effectiveness of work (amitraz) ─ reaches 99-100%.

Operation concept:

   This machine consists of a horizontal frame and contour tubes on which knives are positioned. The frame installs vertical between the tubes. Pushing it slightly it goes first to the knives and only then it comes down the frame and shifts towards leaving the space for the next frame.
  After 5-6 frames are already done, they must be taken to the honey extractor. Before start working adjusts the machine according to the frame size. The adjusting knife distance is about 25-35 mm. The thermal mode has a limitation 100° С, for steam ones — the steam temperature t 100° С.

  When adjusting the knives, make sure they do not cut into the wooden frame!!!

Safety technique
   While working with knives be careful, you may get damage!
1) before start working check all the electrical units and steam tubes.
2) during the working process the steam generator and electrical cords must be out the working zone.
3) when using electrical heating or steam generators with open fire, observe on the safety procedures.
4) when feed the frames make the open access to the machine.
5) while adjusting and fixing switch off the machine.
6) do not push the frame with force if it does not go through.

Pull out the frame in backward direction. It’s forbidden to work with hands at the level of cutting objects.  You may only hold the frame using its shoulders.
Control and guarantee
     The manufacturer insures working capacity of the appliance during 12 months within the day of purchase or producing. The day of purchase is registered in the passport of the product. In case the product is non-operational within the guarantee terms contact us
050-211-08-06; www.pavik.com.ua
e-mail:gusliy@ukr.net─Gusliy Yuriy Michailovich

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