Vertical uncapping machine with sideways knifes with bunker

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Предназначен для механической двухсторонней обрезки забруса с пчелиных сот.

Это механическое устройство, которое состоит с направляющей механизма для вертикальной подачи рамки с двумя клиновыми ножами; горизонтальной рамы - основы механизма; бункера-накопителя рамок для забруса и стола-подставки.

Рамка вставляется вертикально в пространство между направляющими трубками. Регулировка расстояния между ножами в пределах 25-35 мм.

Attention! Before switching on, read this manual carefully!

I Background

1.1 this machine is made for mechanical and synchronous comb cutting from the both sides of a bee-frame; partial separation of honey from wax (with the help of sieve filter) and collecting the final product in the bath (120 l).
1.2 this machine is fully made of stainless steel.
1.3 this machine is easy in working and upkeeping.

Following these instructions, will give you a long life working limit.
Electric motor drive
Eccentric unit
Shiftable knives
Frame holder with support
Knives adjusting unit
Balance weight
Sieve filter
Knife heating element
Frame buffer
Knife clearance adjusting screw      

II Technical description

Nominal voltage – 220 V
Knife voltage – 24 V
Electromotor power – 0,37 kwt
Electrical knives power – 200 W
Capacity – 2-4 frames per min
Frame dimentions 435х300, 435х230, 435х145 mm
Weight  —  70 kg.
Machine dimentions —  1300 х 1200 х 1500 mm
Packing dimentions  – 1060х650х400 mm
Bath  – 120 l

III Safety technique

3.1 this machine needs 220 V with grounding type plug.
3.2 while service and fixing appliance must be switched off.
3.3 when using the applianse you must follow safety procedures.
3.4 use only frame holder and lift when yuo want to move frame throught the knives.
3.5 adjust the knives only when the appliance is swithed off.
3.6 move the knives while adjusting using eccentric unit manually. 
3.7 Keep away from children! Do not leave the appliance off hand!

IV Construction and operation

4.1 the main schema units pisition of the appliance is shown in the picture number 1.

4.2 units puprose:

Electric motor drive – transmits movements to the eccentric unit.

Eccentric unit – transmits rotating motion to a reciprocating motion  of the knives.
Movable knives – are moving reciprocatingly in a plane of the frame.
Frame holder makes it possible to use frames of such dimentions: 435х300, 435х230, 435х145 mm strictly in a plane of electrical knives and gives a strong frame fixation.

Lift – moves frame holder strictly vertical along movable knife axis.


6. Balance weight – moves back the frame lift to the upwarsmost position for the frame holder reloading.

7. Knives adjusting unit – provides a certain distace between the frame and movable knives.      
8. Carcass  – its feet are adjustable.
9. Bath – is made forcollecting product(120l)
10. Sieve  – separates honey from other products. Serves as a primary filter, has got a tap.
11. Frame buffer  –  holds above the bath up to 20 bee-frames.     

Operation concept:
- a bee-frame is set to the frame holder and moves between the knives with the help of the lift;hot knives cut the wax easily from both sides and the final product gets into bath equipped qith sieve filter and a tap.
- toggle switcher has got 3 modes of working:
The middle position – the appliance is OFF
The right position – the appliance is always ON
The left position – automatic activation when the frame moves and switching off when the frame goes to the initial up-position.

V Preparation
5.1 before transporting the appliance is partially disassembled, that is why you have to make a simple installation and adjusting before start working:
Join the feet at the hight you need and fasten it with screws.
Set the lift: put the sliding tube bar into the lift rails and fasten them with holder. (position.13).
 Put the balance weight rope into the tube with casters and fasten its end with bolt. Then ajust the size for the frame you need. Put empty frame to the frame holder and close it with the pusher.
Using the knife adjusting unit, set up the minimal distance between knives and frame. Make sure the frame moves easily.
Switch on the machine (220 V). Switch on the knife heating and wait 2-3 minutes until it warm.
Select the knife working mode which you need.
Put the bath with sieve-filter and tap under the machine.
The machine is ready to work.

VI Operational procedure

6.1. Put the frame into the frame holder. You need to put up the pusher, fasten the frame inside the frame holder and put down the pusher on the frame.
6.2. press the pusher with the right hand and move the frame to the extreme low position using the lift.
6.3. the balance weight brings back the worked frame to the extreme upper position for reload. The pin switcher shuts off the knives.
6.5. put up the pusher, take out the frame and put it on the frame holder.
The uncapping cycle for one frame is over. Its duration is about 15-30 seconds. 

Knife heating element

 7.1 the knife heating element consists of 4 flat ceramic heaters.

7.2 the heating appliance needs 220V and consissts of a step down transformer (24 V) having a capacity of 200 W and of four heaters, each having a capacity of 50 W connected in parallel.
7.3 thermo stat (TS) provides switching off the heaters after the temperature is done. (1500С)
7.4 the heating appliance has got its own switch.
7.5 knives working temperature is 60-800С.
7.6 the knives give back the warmth and get cool faster by an intensive work, that is why it’s important to coordinate the working cycle with knives conveying speed.
7.7 the knives construction makes it possible to use the second blade in case the first is out of order. For this you need to detach the knife and flip through1800 (the cord lenght makes it possible).
During the time you do not work – switch off the heaters!
Read the manual carefully!

VII Control and guarantee

The manufacturer undertakes to repair or replace the blade if it is failure for one year from the date of sale.
Presale includes verification of the heater at U = 24
All claims and offers by phone:
       e-mail: -  Yuriy Gusliy

Technical description

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