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Модель: 02102020
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Weight 52 kg
Dimensions 425х940х740 mm
Material stainless steel AISI 304
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The uncapping device is made for a mechanic wax uncapping from both sides simultaneously.

Is used for frames having the size (435х230) mm and (435х145) mm.

The device can be purchased separately or complete with a storage unit or the entire line.

The operator passes in frames to the guides during the process. For the frame (435x145) mm and (435x230) mm, these guides are different.

Passing in the frame to the knives is done by rods on the guides. The wax cutting is carried out by two vibrating knives with heating by hot water. For better trimming, the knives are sharpened at an angle and have teeth.

The depth of trimming can not be adjusted during operation! It is necessary to stop work, to remove a protective cover, to loosen screws of fastening of a shaft with knives, and to return on the necessary angle of inclination.

The speed of the knives is constant and is regulated by the control unit. The control unit also allows you to adjust the feed rate of the frame.

 All initial adjustments and adjustments are carried out by specialists of COOP "PAVIK" during start-up and adjustment works.

Warranty on the device 2 years!

In connection with the rise in the price of the metal, the price of the Uncapping device may rise!


Water tank volume, L




Water heating temperature, ºС

До 90

Blade heating temperature, not more than ºС


Weight, kg




Productivityframes per hour


Technical description

Weight 52 kg
Dimensions 425х940х740 mm
Material stainless steel AISI 304
Working voltage 230 V
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